So get this... I'm selling Filly. At least I want to, to the right person. Once or twice a day I get an email from a Filly lady that goes something like this: Hi Emily, I'm a huge Filly fan and have been following your work for years. Thank you for making such beautiful clothes that I actually feel good in! I would love to buy another pair of ________ but you are out of my size. Do you think you will be making more in the near future?" And it takes me days, even weeks to respond because I love this woman and I don't want to disappoint her by saying, no, I'm not making anymore of that style, not now and probably not ever. And what really sucks, on top of it all, is that I too will miss those styles. I too have a tattered worn out pair of Adventure Pants that could use replacing but I'm out of my size. The reality of the matter is I'm designing a new line - Bright Volumes - and its dominating my life! I'm super duper into it! And what is left over at the end of the day is not enough to keep up with Filly. It's so sad.

So I decided it was better to sell the whole package - and there's a lot to this package - instead of letting it wither on the vine. The first person I thought of was my friend Hannah. But the timing doesn't line up for her so I'm opening up the discussion to the rest of the Filly world. Do you want to know more? Do you want to own all 285 patterns including 15 previously unreleased designs? You could have an endless supply of Adventure Pants!!!!! And I will totally buy a pair from you.