Not last November but the November before, I returned to Portland after spending 7 months in Santa Cruz working on my gramma's property. I was just as surprised as you were that I did not stay in Santa Cruz. I suppose I discovered there truly is no going back and the current version of me just didn't fit with SC as well as the self I knew years before. I wasn't yet sure how to handle that discovery. If I wasn't that person, than who was I? On the drive back north I stopped in Ashland and almost stayed. Even going so far as to contact a few houses for rent during lunch at the coop. There was such space around me, such newness, such emptiness waiting to be filled that really, anywhere would do. I was wide open. 

As I've written before, I met David a couple of days after coming back to Portland. And all that space was filled. With love and work and ideas and swimming and a puppy and a delicious sense of home and self. During the last year and a half we have primarily focused on the development of a kids clothing line. We call it beeek and it is our pride and joy. And its not just for kids! We will be coming out with adult versions every winter. If the phrase bendy color clothes sounds good to you, check it out! 

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