David picked me up at 7am.  We slept in our own beds the night before so I could get up two hours before departure to poop before leaving the house. I once read that Capricorns can't poop unless they are at ease. That means a long morning routine in my own house. No gas station bathrooms for me.

Anyway, he arrived promptly and we loaded up. Two huge boxes of Filly clothing  and a couple of overnight bags. We were headed to Bellingham for a Friends of Filly gathering at Annie's house. If you don't know what a FOF is I'm not surprised. It has been almost two years since the last one and even I have forgotten how they go. A FOF is an in-house event where a host (Annie) invites her friends over to try-on Filly items. Annie graciously put out cheese and apples and served champagne with clementine juice to over twenty friends, most of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting in the past. Those that decided to buy did so at reduced prices. Those that decided not to buy simply ate snacks and played with the kids and dogs and Tink, Annie's grumpy chubby hungry grey and white kitty friend. The only one who didn't have a rad time was Levy who was scratched in the eye by the aforementioned Tink. 

After dinner we turned around and headed back to Portland. That's a lot of driving for one day and I feel it this morning- is there such a thing as a car hang-over? But it was worth every mile. Annie is a marvel, a comfort, a great beauty, a staunch friend, impressive on every level and I am so happy I got to spend one more day in her house before she moves to the country. 

Do other companies do stuff like this? Do other clothing lines carry their wares on their backs, enter the homes of loving hosts, gather with like-minded individuals, connect through clothing but also through food and bodies and babies and health and self. We are ourselves at these gatherings. We are a family. Thank you Bellingham. See you in the spring. 

If you are interested in hosting, reach out!