Ok, so there's this guy. Actually, he's a man. A grown fucking man.

Who's also a dad with a cool son named Ezra.

He's the full package and I love him.

If you read my blog you'll know that I'm not prone to falling in love very often. I can count on one hand (maybe just two fingers?) the men to whom I would apply that sacred word. And the best thing about David is that he deserves it. He is the person I strive to be. Kind and soft spoken, generous with his time and talents, excited to learn, to listen, to make, to travel, to read, to cook, to eat, to ride and walk and hold my hand. He is long-legged and broad shouldered (yes, I strive for that too), serene, smart, a wordsmith, a mimic, a sing along to the song, any song, with perfect pitch. He sleeps in a bed of white, everything clean, everything smelling good, with white curtains, white walls, kiln rug, grandma's furniture, record player.  He is taller than me. And better dressed. With a salt and pepper beard and moon eyes. We fall asleep inhaling and exhaling the same air. He is the rock to my wave. A beacon in my watery world. 

I met him through Sarah, my dearest friend and life wife. When I was in Santa Cruz last summer she and David started work on her new website (styled by baker). At the time he was thinking of launching a kids clothing line based on his drawings and was looking for a designer. She gave him a couple of names before remembering me. He and I met for coffee and had a grand time. I must not have actually looked at him very often, instead focusing on the computer monitor and bringing the coffee cup to my lips, because I couldn't remember what he looked like when my mom asked me later if he was cute. I think I said yeah but he's not my type. I date blonds. 

However, the next time we were scheduled to meet I felt excited and nervous in a way that was new. It took forever to pick out an outfit even though I knew, once I saw him, I would feel relaxed no matter what I was wearing. I knew that he would look elegant and would greet me kindly and with a hug. And I was right. He was all of those things and when he walked me to the elevator when the meeting ended, he stood a little too close, let his eyes drop to my chest and slowly climb up to meet my eyes. 

There are so many varieties of love. Eye climbing love. Air sharing love. Love that is yet to come. He deserves it all and I strive to as well.