This wonderful woman named Hannah asked if she could host another FOF this fall. She was one of several women who, two springs ago, participated in an experimental pilot program version of FOF where the clothes traveled from host to host while I stayed home.

I sent four huge boxes of hard to find, no longer on my web store, drastically discounted Filly to Bellingham where Annie threw a FOF, then Annie sent them to Emily in Seattle for a gathering there, then Emily sent them to ....... it went on and on, perhaps six or seven gatherings all in all before the boxes were returned to me months later. It was a wonderful experience full of trust and coordination and connecting one community of Filly wearers to another. I loved it even though I missed seeing everyone. 

I wonder if we could do something like this again for fall? The host receives a free Filly piece and takes care of all the money stuff and sends the boxes on to the next host. 

Leave a comment and your location if interested!