friends2 Its interesting to see what happens when you lay your plans out in the sun to dry. I have been working on clothing for 8 year olds for the last five months and felt very secure in the decision to make expensive avant garde subtly beautiful parent-selected garments for this age bracket. A couple of days ago I asked, via social media, for an 8 year old fit model. The second I sent this request I knew I was mistaken. I was fundamentally off. 8 year olds go to school. They are big. They are opinionated. They dress their own damn selves. And what they choose to wear is not generally what I am making. The fit, the feel, the mobility, the softness... yeah sure, that's cool. But those elements are quickly losing ground to aesthetic concerns. 8 year olds are already a little bit adult. They are already exchanging comfort for cool. Just like the rest of us big people. They want bright colors and trendy graphics. I get it. I would too. I would rock all the fresh angles. I would look down my nose at my out of step parents. I would not want to wear some watery colored matching set with sophisticated proportions and nuanced prints. I'm not in a Norweigen conference retreat for the gifted! I am a 2nd grader at B-40 elementary and I want to wear bright purple! Whoa. You get the point. And if you haven't, because I was yelling, the point is I should make clothing for a younger, less empowered age. Kidding. Kinda. I should make clothing for an age that still puts on whatever their parents hand them and rejoices in the fit, the feel, the mobility and the softness in their last years before growing up. I'm thinking 3-6 year olds. 6 year old fit model needed!