Obviously I am not writing very often. There are two reasons for this.One, my trusty lap top, the one I bought when I started Filly, is now so old that even if I wanted to replace the hard drive and free up more space, I couldn't because one that old can no longer be found. And so, like a good but tired dog, it tries to respond but its reaction time is not fit for earth life. By the time the beach ball has stopped spinning and that sentence is highlighted, I've left the room and gone to the store. It's hard to edit a blog post in this fashion.

Two, I'm leaner. When I left Santa Cruz I stepped out of an old skin. I left that suit crumpled on the ground and headed North with a fresh self. That fresh self made two fresh decisions. I am collaborating on a kids line and getting ready to launch a women's line of suits. These new endeavors steal my time away from Filly. For now. Until they're old enough to walk on their own.

I am still here, still in the studio, still finding my way, still doing yoga and eating apples and missing Bello. More soon and soon there will be more.