I have a dilemma. I'm asking for help. There are three rentable houses on the Riverside property. After a bit of work they will be ready to be lived in. The income from these three units pays the rent on the property. There are three additional units that are not livable but once they are, the income from those spaces will fund needed improvements to the property. The only way I can make Riverside beautiful is by fixing up and renting the three outbuildings. This is my dilemma. A viscous circle. How do I fix them up when I need their income to be able to fix them up? I need to gather materials for free and learn how to build. I'm reaching out to household across the land- if you have any spare resources please let me know! Doors, windows, flooring, framing lumber, insulation, counter tops, wall paneling... old fence coming down? Shed, shelves, deck being replaced? I will work- I'm strong! Let my muscles be my money. Enough with this viscous circle, lets create a loving circle instead! I'll help you, you help me, we'll help Riverside and dance in the courtyard this summer.