Oh this week! I have not had the opportunity to work at Riverside since Monday. It pains me. My sense of accomplishment rests solely on the back of that slice of land. Everything else is distraction.And then there's Filly. Like the women who wear her, she is a loving friend. She knows that I love her, knows that I will call as soon as I have a moment. I need to be careful not to take her for granted. Yesterday Kevin and I made a day long trip to Oakland. I picked up fabric to be used for the next round of the Foundation Collection. The fabric had been per-washed and needed to be transported to the cutters. Hopefully production will begin next week. Styles will be in the shop mid July.

20130517-081907.jpg I'm really excited about the next round of Foundation. The Wonderful Dress will be available in linen and a jersey option. The Flute Pant will come in Stretch Twill (that great exercise-bra-like material from back in the day) and denim. The Salt Blouse, Flirting Dress and Safi Skirt will all make an appearance in new colors and fabrics. They're good styles and deserve an extended life. There's something morally sound about looking at what you have and feeling content. Feeling satisfied. We have it all.