Now accepting Parachute Party hosts in Portland and the Bay Area for June! Email me to sign up. There are two sets of Parachute boxes in rotation so multiple parties can happen at the same time. And what has been nice is one host passing the boxes off to the next host without them coming back to me. What a great opportunity to meet another cool lady. Because, believe me, you wearers of Filly could all be best friends. You're down to earth, unpretentious, warm and kind. You're naturally beautiful and active and comfortable in your body. You laugh easily. You eat well. You live your life in these clothes and improve them with grass stains and kid handprints and dirt smears. On you Filly fades and ages and becomes better and more beautiful, more rich, more loved. If you haven't hosted but want to try, I encourage you, with all the supportive mama energy I have, to give it a shot. Join our community.


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