There are so many mothers. They're everywhere today. Parks are speckled with mother themed picnics. The beach filled with colorful umbrellas to shade our celebrated matrons. Breakfast joints are exploding at the seams with all of those mothers inside. Everyone has a mother and, it seems more and more, everyone is now also a mother of somebody else. And mothers' daughters become mothers and then those daughters become mothers! How do you split the day? It's so tricky. Thankfully for my mom I'm still just a daughter so the line of command is crystal clear. I'm paying for sushi. I don't know why I don't want kids. It is partially biological I'm sure. My cycle is sporadic and therefore does not remind me, every 30 days, of a lost opportunity. Maybe that is why having a baby never crosses my mind. It's not even something I've decided against, I've just never thought seriously about it. The closest I've come to motherhood was the time I "found" a lost baby and called my mom from the Jr High to report my score. But even at that age, when I hadn't begun to consider how my life might veer off course, I didn't resist when my Mom fairly shouted "Put It Back!" I put it back and made my way home alone.