20130508-085426.jpgTuesday was a beast. I was alone at the property and that allowed me to focus on the task at hand- CLEANING. - I filled garbage bag after garbage bag with trash, pulled up carpet and manhandled the unruly troll sized hunk of scratchy stink into the driveway, posted three nasty couches to Craigslist Free List along with an additional pile of worthless but functional items, chaperoned the steady stream of takers away from the things I want to keep, like my own bike, and toward the actual free pile but still lost an extension cord and a ball hitch to greedy hands. I swept, coughed, got flirted with and wrote down names of cool folks I met so that I could invite them to "music in the yard" months from now. The result of nearly seven hours of labor is one cleared house. One valuable space. For the first time since I arrived I locked the doors.


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