I am in Santa Cruz because of her- the Riverside Property, a pie shaped slice of cement with six habitable dwellings situated just blocks from the ocean. The potential is great. But she is far from her potential right now. This weekend the last of the previous tenants vacated the premises, leaving behind a dumpster's worth of trash and a considerable amount of mold.This property was purchased by my gramma and her business partner JPaul in 1972. That was certainly the last time anyone has looked at her with an appraising eye. Until now. When all eyes are on her. Last night I had dinner with my family, aka the Riverside Shareholders. We worked on setting the ground rules for our project. I cried twice but by the time the Giants game was reaching a fevered pitch, we had a working contract written in ballpoint pen inside my journal. Doodles included. And now it can begin.