I am on day five of organizing my Filly backstock. I feel sorry for my housemates because I'm a tad bit irritable at this point. Too much time inside and alone does not stimulate my mind in the right way. Instead I begin to closely analyze why I now crave nuts instead of sugar. Is this an adult thing? I guess, now that I think even more about it, I remember my Dad likes both nutty and sweet treats. Anyway. Jesus.The real reason I am writing is that I found a box of fleece pieces from way back in the early days. Back when I took the seasons extremely seriously. For my second collection, Fall 2006, I designed an entire line of fleece dresses, tunics and skirts. They were lined with jersey with a 1/4-twist bubble hem. The fleece is Patagonia quality, and in fact is from the same mill that provides the venerable company with their outerwear fabric. I can't say that love for the fleece was universal and overwhelming but there were some devoted followers. If you need one last fleece piece before there are truly no more- send me an email @ emily@fillydesigns.com

In the box I see... -1. T-neck tank tunic length dress. Eggplant(1), Pumpkin(1) and Lichen(1). Size XS 2. -Ankle-length skirt with swooping black canvas "hem" that swoops up onto the hip, with large patch pocket. Pumpkin(2). Size S. SOLD OUT! 3. -Mini Skirt. Black(1) or Pumpkin(1). Size S. SOLD OUT! 4. -Midi length skirt with simple half circle of cream canvas at hem. Black(2). Size S.

They are all $55 each except the mini which is $35. Let me know if you want any... fleece leftovers