Parachute Package Image copy Fall into a home, a hug, a handful of wonderful like-minded souls. Take a chance and stop in at one of the Parachute Parties happening this month!

4-14-13 Annie's House 1601 E. Street Bellingham, WA 2-4pm

4-21-13 Kat's House 6708 Division Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98117 1-6pm (this is also a homemade canned goods exchange! Bring what you got, take home what ya did not)

4-26-13 Emily's House 1818 East Fir Street Seatle, WA 6pm- 9pm

Let me know if you want to host! You will receive two BIG BOXES of Filly clothes, invite your friends, try it all on, keep a Filly piece for your efforts. You will have a week between getting the boxes and sending them on their way. Simply drop the boxes off at FEDEX. I pay for shipping. Currently I am looking for hosts on the West Coast. In July I will be looking at the East Coast. Sign up by emailing me at