photo(11) Yesterday was a real summer day. Hot. And the flies were everywhere. I wore shorts, which says more about the heat than anything on this earth. Ooh, a hot sunny day, this is a good thing right? Yes! Of course. And no. Because it's still something new and new experiences are always harder than old ones. "The seasons are shifting and even positive ones throw children off balance." Children of all ages. I didn't leave the house yesterday. I was intimidated by the newness. I shuffled around the yard and felt unsettled. In all truth I simply haven't developed my hot summer day routine. Time was happening, passing, and I was pretty sure I wasn't doing it right. But there was no time or perspective to figure out the right sunny day behavior because it was already here. I hadn't planned for such a day and one can't plan for the now. No matter what I did I couldn't be sure there wouldn't have been a better thing to do if I had just had a moment ahead of time to decide. I'm odd. Because really, even bad ideas are still kinda good because they exist and create an experience. Sheila, Kenya's sheep, lies in the direct sun wearing a foot deep sweater. I shuffle around the yard. Neither of us hit a grand slam but we got on base.