Ok, this is really happening. If you would like to be a solo host for a Friends of Filly gathering, please email me and we will make that happen! emily@fillydesigns.com What are you talking about? photo(7)

This: -You pick a month to host. -At the beginning of the month I will send you two big boxes of Filly clothes, mostly past pieces that are not even featured on the store! -You host an intimate gathering in your home. What this looks like is up to you. What I imagine is making a FB post, inviting all your friends and friends of friends, telling me the details so that I can make a post about the event, making a little food or getting a bottle of wine, setting out mirrors and trying on clothes! -You will get to keep a Filly item in exchange for hosting. -Keep track and send me a list of what sold so I know what to replace. -I will include return postage so you just need to drop at Fedex by the 3rd week to give me time to restock before sending it out again. -Women that sell the most will have first dibs on being a returning host next year as well as first pick of the month. AND I would really like to feature you on the blog and talk about what projects you are working on. -Take photos! I will post on the Filly FB page.

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