photo(5) As I write the setting sun is shining, like a hot set light, on the blackened rain cloud hugging the eastern skyline. It's too much, like a commercial. It is evening and I am in from the yard. I stripped off muddy denim work pants and a navy hoodie in the kitchen before climbing the stairs. I am reading the Beet Queen and it sits, green and unfashionably small, in my bedroom nook. While the veggies steam I read. Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and green cabbage. They are so good with a touch of olive oil, salt and avocado. I eat with a pair of chopsticks. And a sausage. Today I made progress. With the over sized cement chunks, with fence prep, with my neighbor in the back who has always disapproved of my ways. He and I talked in the alley. We swapped stories and only offended each other a couple of times. I have a month and half before I travel to Santa Cruz. Forty five days to batten down the hatches, my adventure will keep me away for five months.