photo(2) I remember being wasted and having sex. My one night lover is someone I am embarrassed of. I can't recall his name. I stay wasted for 3 years. When I come out, I see I am living in squalor. The attic roof has holes and birds fly in and out. At the far end of the room is a cage wall. In the door jam of this room, lying on his stomach and facing away from me, is my son. Past him, inside the cage, are hens and rats. One hen is dead and the rats are prosperous. Two run past my boy. His left ear rests on his bent arm. I bring a shoe down on their two heads and kill them. The boy looks up and reaches for me. Are you hungry I ask. His eyes find mine. Yes, his voice is quiet and perfect. A surge, sweet and forceful, fills my breast. A smile takes root in my cheeks. I nurse him. I feel nursed. Love will never leave me. A third nipple begins to show on my breast. I would rather it didn't. We take the puppy for a walk, to avoid the sound of the workmen during the day. We live on a grassy hill, the ocean appearing down a short valley on our left. People stroll by with large animals on leashes. Bears, dogs... and I see that animals are friends and we needn't fear fighting any longer. The hen must have died from lack of water. Someone stops and asks, are you going to pick that up? I feel confused. Your dog pooped. I explain, I hadn't noticed.