anne lamott It's just a night to enjoy yourself. I am speaking out loud. Tonight I don't have to do anything. Work isn't pressing. No classes to teach. No social event. No desire to take a walk. I ate dinner in the nook at the top of the stairs and began to read. A jar of tea sits untouched by the bed. I don't want it but my body does. Most of the time I feel grateful not to have someone in my life. I remember the negotiations and needs a relationship brings and happily thank god that the hours of my day are not encroached upon by someone else's... vibrations. And then a night like this comes along. And on a practical level I think that maybe I could afford to take on one more project. That I do have a few extra hours to spare for companionship, for hanging out with someone I like and want to sleep with.

This is the least romantic post I have ever written.

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