photo(24) I am going to teach at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts. I'm teaching a class I designed and proposed last spring. I have never taught it before, except in my mind to the imaginary audience that watches my every move and thinks I'm great. What will real people think? It starts this Tuesday, in the evening. The class explores the oddity and wonder that is the Fashion Collection. I remember being very confused when asked to draw my first collection in Fashion Illustration. They wanted design cohesion. They wanted the ideas to touch, just a little. I wanted to design each piece to be distinct and unique. I couldn't see that they looked like a disorderly and unfocused group of ladies waiting for the walk signal. No relationship, each out for her own. I will teach how to take an idea, actualize it, make its mate, wait and wonder, then make their child, or friend or mother... build a family, with checks and balances, with rivalries and love affairs, with every role filled. I'm so nervous... no, eager. A first date with someone I really like.