Not Suited While I have been working in the studio and drinking hot water with lemon ginger echinacea juice, my website has fallen. I failed to notice.... for how many days I don't know. Oh business-side-of-things, how you challenge me! I'm afraid my lapsed domain says a lot about my personality: my obsessive focus on one thing at a time. I have spent endless hours over the last four weeks designing Fall 2013, bent over the cut table, making a skirt that falls from the hip like a marionette. And it says that I don't lift my head from the task at hand until that task is done. Which it is, and it looks good. And now I rear up and look around.... hello world outside the studio, hello world inside the computer...the website and store will be back up in a couple of hours. I'm frustrated with the self that is myself. However the technician sounded really cute.