Picture 4 I am in the studio, NPR is talking on and on and on. My hands work confidently but slowly around the waistband of a pair of black linen slacks. I am making a suit, Kelly McGillis style. Wear it with a white t-shirt.

So, anyway, I actually called to ask you a question... What if Friends of Filly happened, all over the states, without me being there? What if you sign up to be a host, you receive a box of Filly pieces in the mail, you invite your friends and have a party and choose a Filly item for your trouble? You could give me an idea of what styles you and your friends like so I could tailor the boxes to your community. I would pay for shipping. I guess there's a chance I could lose money. And that would be a blow. But maybe not. And the chance that it could be really great are pretty high... And of course there's the issue of trust... I would be sending you a box worth up to $3000 knowing that you would keep it safe and sound. I can do that, you can too.

Smiling from ear to ear. What about you? Thoughts? Cautions? Signing up?