photo(18) I feel a little sheepish. I seriously tore into this shit last night even though three of my packages will not arrive at their destinations until next week. I couldn't help it, I got a craving. And that craving was satisfied! The gifts are amazing! A hand-formed bowl, a cribbage set, a necklace, soft leather gloves, an art-deco patterned hand-knit scarf, amazing sun and moon delicately forged earrings, yummy treats, vanilla salt, and a tiny leather pouch that now contains loose elastic ties that I need and lose every day. Slacks received two cat nip triangles. He dosed and performed skate-boarding tricks against the back of the couch for hours. Maybe next year our animals should do the Secret Santa. First they would need to get to know each other through a pen-pal exchange. "Slacks! I like scratching! I like chasing the hens around the yard! I wear a gray sweater!It's a v-neck!"