photo(13) The holidays have come and gone. I might have missed them. Where am I these days?

Sarah and I hosted a Xmas Eve gathering, reprising last year's role as stand-in parents for those that could not make it home. I made truffles with Mexican chocolate and salt. Sarah cooked everything else. That night I slept soundly and dreamt that Mary, the woman who manages my production, was actually my biological mother. She told me she loved me but no sound came out. Or perhaps I simply could not hear it.

And now we're on the other side. A normal day. Expectations abound! I am behind on everything but I blame it all on the Secret Santa project. Five boxes full of goodies are heading out tomorrow. For those two ladies that live in Portland, I will make the deadline of the 27th. Um, for everyone else, it's gonna be a bit late. But worth it! I spent many hours cultivating each box so that when opened they will surprise and delight. So much love from me to you.