I believe that spirits visit us in our dreams. When I was a teenager my parents gave me a German Shepherd puppy instead of a car for my 16th bday. How prophetic. When that dog died, many years later, and I twisted with pain from the loss, Josh had a dream. She came to him and stood next to him. They looked at each other. And then she turned into a butterfly and flew out the window. This soothed my heart because she had suffered from hip dysplasia and itchy skin and later, cancer. She was now free of it all and able to fly. His dream freed me as well. The night Bello died we shared a dream. I could feel his left shoulder against my right. His heat and brownness so close. Together we looked out of a single set of eyes. Our body was human but we ran really fast and jumped over logs. We raced together all night long, finally and fully merged. My dearest friend, from Santa Cruz, from childhood, from a previous life I'm sure, has been dreaming about Bello and me. I asked her to please, oh please, send me the stories. I treasure them. They are like finding water in the desert. I thought I would share them with you...

You two..walking along the river in Santa Cruz and your hair was short and you were wearing train conductor overalls and Bello was younger and more brown and he had a red ribbon for a collar and I was riding my bike and yelled hello... Another of you and Bello walking along a rode of pebbles and it looked like the way to the old quarry in Davenport that we used to dive in with Ethan and Zach and I knew you were going there for a picnic but I was in a car with Alyssa and we didn't go... Another where you were wearing a version of the light brown dress that I just bought from you at the friends of Filly sale, thin strapped, tighter upper bodice... you were wearing a version that had a peach upper bodice and flowered lower skirt but I was wearing the regular light brown one. You were giving a speech about coffee and how it wouldn't stain your dresses and you were giving the speech with Bello on a long piece of rock that was jutting out of the Harbor Jetty in Santa Cruz. Then you wound up spilling coffee on my dress and Bello laughed and we switched dresses. You with long hair, wearing an old-fashioned Victorian-type dress, eating chocolate at a desk, your Dad yelled to you (I was watching TV) and asked if Bello and you and I wanted hazelnuts in our oatmeal... you said no. But you wanted cranberries!!! Then mainly blurred visions of Bello laying on top of you and we were in a group of people talking about strange things that are relative to our lives but somehow distorted. I know Natalie also appeared in one and she was eating celery and wearing light jeans and a ripped sweater.

Just amazing to me that you and Bello keep reappearing...makes me so sad and at the same time so happy that such a love existed and will continue..he's always with you and literally, you are always walking with him!