My sister wrote a beautiful post on love. Of course I adore this particular post even though everything she writes is good. I love love. I love love so much that I let love go in order to mourn love and seek love anew. Sometimes I wonder if I have tempted fate with this behavior. What if fate is angry at me and now longer feels generous? What if I am left to sit in the park with Bello, whom I enjoy, instead of a lover, whom I cherish? But of course that is no way to think. Because destiny is constantly shifting according to your desires and the direction in which you look. I am looking forward. I am laying back, with my arms bent at the elbows and flat on the ground, my feet are pressed together, my knees wide. I am receptive, I am full of the best. And the best will come to me. The life you want is the life you live. Want it all.

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