Last night I sewed until Sarah got home. It was late. I put down the blouse and followed her from room to room recounting my day, listening as she did the same. There was nothing remarkable to share. Certainly no news about boys which is all that really matters right now. But that was ok, we still enjoyed sharing minor news. I took a shower and decided not to wash my hair. I sat on my bed and read while brushing my teeth. A wind had come up and a few rain drops could be heard bouncing off the leaves outside the window. I laid my head on the pillow and my wet hair piled around my temples. My knees were bent and when I suddenly laid my legs out flat, the sheet parachuted slowly to the bed. When it touched me it felt like a mother, or a nurse, tucking me in. I am at peace, I said to the darkness. The unfamiliar is not wrong. It's just new.