My sister is wise beyond her years. Her years being two less than mine. When I call her, woes and worries in my bag, I expect her to take part of the load. She will understand and relate and agree... that this is not how it should go. I must know, by now, that that's not what she'll say. She will instead notice the tone of my voice, the victim-tinged self-righteousness, the misdirected time and energy. And by the time we are ready to get off the phone we will be talking about outlook, perspective, appreciation, trust. And joy. Finding joy, even in the smallest things, to keep your heart open and receptive to all the good coming your way. I have been taking note of moments, little and inconsequential, but filled with everything there is to love about living. And so, in tribute to my sister, I would like to recognize this moment. Morning: The house smells of sweetgrass. There is a Doc Martin tribute show on KBOO. I have a large mug of hot water waiting at my knees. My stomach is full of yogurt and peaches. The doors are open and silver light fills the room. I sit on the new couch.

Afternoon: The house smells of broccoli puree and baked yams. There is a Grateful Dead tribute show on KBOO. I am in work clothes, a trifecta of blue. The neighbor's mower growls a nasally whine. I ate all the chocolate in the house and feel frustrated that there isn't more to be found.

Broccoli Puree Recipe: (this is my comfort food. it may sound like an off combo but it isn't)

Bring a large pot of water to boil with a bay leaf floating on the top. Take a lot of broccoli (1 1/2 pds) and break/cut it into smallish pieces. Cut up a bunch of green onions (literally a bunch). Add all to boiling water and cook until they are not firm. Strain but save a pint jar of the water. Let veggies cool before putting them in the Cuisinart. Now put them in the Cuisinart. Add five splash of olive oil, a sprinkle of nutmeg, salt, and lemon juice. If dry, add some of the saved water. Blend til smooth. Eat it. Can be nice with a dusting of Nutritional Yeast on top.