It's funny being human. There is no figuring it out. One second that thing you're doing, that person you're dating, is right. It is stimulating, it is blissful, it is all you need. But what goes up... I got back to Portland and felt so disoriented. I guess I like that feeling. Everything is so visceral. New, no pattern yet. And I do the day that comes. Now I feel oriented. I have been home a bit and picked up a routine and some guilt and pressure regarding that routine. Things are becoming less fresh.

However, and this is the point of this post, today I found some treasures (remember to pronounce that like my Gramma does- tray-sures). On the afternoon walk I found a Bruce Springsteen tape. Bello found a sultan's pillow to place in his bike trailer. And then I found a new hat. Grey with a lavender hue, faded grey cloth tie, disheveled aristocratic shape. I wonder if it would look good on Luke.