The house is starting to feel like my house. I was waiting for this moment and feared it was not going to come. I worried that because I was a renter before buying it I wouldn't get the "Chinese food on the floor beaming from ear to ear alone for the first time in your new house" feeling. In fact, months went by after the final signing and nothing felt different at all. But now I see that my attention was riveted on Filly and I didn't have time for another baby. Now I do, at least for a couple of weeks. And oh mama, watch out! I am a house maniac! I cleaned out the garage, free-listed the ceramic kick wheel, did a dump run with Sarah, bought and assembled a new wheelbarrow (thanks Mom!), researched compost and soil amendments, fixed the bathroom shower and drain, bought light bulbs and finally fixed my bedroom overhead light, wrangled my way up into the attic for a look around, donated two chickens to a new home, bought two chicks, and purchased, just today, a kitchen table, bed head-board, two chairs, a large peach dresser, a night stand, and a small couch with a pull-out bed for the studio (see above). This morning I woke and wondered why my body was so stiff. Is your body stiff, I asked Sarah? How come mine's so stiff when I just relaxed for eight hours? I remembered this question when I was carrying the large oak table into the house on my back like a pack animal.