Hello there. This is a little reminder that the last Friends of Filly for the spring season is this Sunday at my home in Portland from 10am - 1pm. In case you are unclear or unsure what exactly a FOF is, let me explain... (and if you already know just close your eyes and hum to yourself for a sec)... a Friends of Filly is an intimate gathering in my home or the home of a Filly host. There are spring-themed FOFs and fall-themed FOFs and these gatherings take place primarily in the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest. At a FOF I set out all of my backstock from past seasons and sell it at wholesale or below.You dig around, make a little or big pile, try everything on, feel great about the way you look, notice that everyone else looks great too, meet new people, pet Bello and generally have a wonderful time. At the end I feel totally exhausted and totally exhilarated. It's a blast. So... I hope to see you this Sunday, bright and early. It is supposed to be nice so come get a new sundress to greet the new sun.

Sunday, May 6th 10am – 1pm Emily’s Home/Studio 5335 NE Mallory Ave, Portland