Do you have a hard time slowing down? We are told to. A guy exiting a liquor store directed the cashier to take it easy. Experience your life with ease dear counter man. But does he? Can he? Or is his body too accustomed to rushing to work and rushing home and eating quickly and fretting about bills and worrying he married the wrong person and knowing his salary will never pay enough to consider himself successful.

I too feel very small. I too feel overwhelmed by the enormity of adulthood and the knowledge that life, by definition, is a risky bet. A natural imperfection. And never finished, until it is. There will always be more to do. A house to help. A business to push. Friends to love. Men to weaken for.

I can't slow down because I need to cross everything off my list... and then I will be the person I desire to be. And then I will be good. I rush to achieve completion and receive love.

Yesterday Sarah and I took Kevin all around town. We visited six thrift stores/Goodwills/Salvation Armies in our rush to furnish the studio apartment that is part of the house. We are renting it out through Airbnb and have folks coming from Canada on the 8th. Come visit and show me how to take a break...