The first Santa Cruz Friends of Filly House Show was on Sunday. Beautiful, ageless, glowing women trying on my designs is my version of the perfect afternoon. I remember explaining- to a shopper as well as to myself- that the money I make will go directly into producing the next collection. So when you buy Filly you are investing in the future of Filly. You are the company. I am simply the middle man.

"The things I have done today in my new Filly tank top..............felt good in it after teaching my Monday a.m. class, knitted at the coffee shop with Olive, used it as a sea glass collecting pouch at low tide with Olive and Honey Girl, harvested chard and broccoli from the garden to cook later for dinner, prepared a hot outside bath for Olive to warm her cold beach body and will throw my arms around my man when he walks in the door this evening...." Jessie Hess (seen above), FOF host. Click on the picture to be directed to her yoga studio in Santa Cruz! I am going today at 4pm.