I don't know what to write. So let me state the facts. These are easy. I am still at my Gramma's. The Spring 12 patterns were delivered to the grader/marker and are officially in production. I don't have anything to do. Or so I believe. Last night I went to bed before I was tired. I slept fitfully and dreamed a reaccuring dream about lemmings. They are everywhere and will run up your leg and bite you so you have to club them. I started pounding one that was at my breastbone only to realize it was an old cat. Maybe. It was hard to tell from the close range and odd angle. So I let it stay there but I was nervous. This morning I told my Gramma about the dream and about my struggle with time and purpose now that the work was done. My hands are empty. What do I do with my hands? She said, Em, and lowered her chin to stare me in the face, you've got to recognize when it's time to take a vacation.