The big day. Catalog shoot for Spring 2012. Phew, it happened. Sarah picked me up at Gramma's in a white Dodge farm truck with a clothes steamer lying on its side in the back. We were nervous. Maybe just anxious. It is so important for it to go well. No matter how good the designs are, no mater how well I sewed the samples, it all comes down to the photos. Thankfully the gods were on our side. It was a beautiful day, everyone was on time, the clothes looked amazing, the model was stunning, the photographer gifted, the make-up artist exacting, the filmmaker visionary, and the stylist, my beloved Sarah, was a woman in charge. Within the first half hour I knew it was going to go well. In fact I actually relaxed a bit and trusted everyone to do what they were here to do. Trusted that they would do it right. I steamed clothes, washed dishes, arranged rooms, cleaned up, held extra lenses, and basically kept my mouth shut. Except for when my mom delivered food mid-way through the day. Yes I was exhausted by the end of the day. Yes I felt like I had held my breath for seven hours. And yes, the footage is incredible! Official photos to come.