On Thursday I got in the car and drove south. With only the radio to distract me I climbed mountains and coasted into the valley. On Friday evening I saw the ocean. On Friday evening Bello saw the backside of a skunk. It was a long day. Instead of staying with my Dad and Bonnie, like I normally do, I am out at my Gramma's house. I have to sew the samples for the Spring 2012 catalog shoot taking place on the 30th and so I have isolated myself in order to focus. I have taken over the dinner table and generally made a mess but she doesn't seem to mind one bit. We share a pot of coffee in the morning and a pot of beans in the afternoon. For dinner I make a ridiculously healthy meal (baked yam, steamed beet greens and raw carrots) and she loves it. I sew, we watch the news, she shouts at the telly defending Obama, I do too. In the morning, when she wakes up, there is a new dress hanging on the blinds, completed in the wee hours while she slept. Things I have noticed: She journals in a large lined notebook. She knows a lot about basketball. She gets many phone calls. She always watches 60 minutes on Sunday night. But I already knew this one.