It happened. Yesterday we met at Anja's studio at 9. I laid flooring and hung paintings while Jenny and Anja tested stuff, Charlie prepped food, Caitlin sat for hair and make-up by Shontelle, and Sarah worked her magic, laughing and flirting with the model while simultaneously steaming the clothes and coordinating the looks.

Photoshoots are strange. I play an important role but I'm not sure exactly what it is. My actual work is done. But I am so used to working that I find myself lunging toward the next task only to realize there isn't anything more for me to do. On photoshoot days it is time to let go and trust the team. I feel like the man pacing the floor outside the birthing room. Tense, worried, anxious, and not the one doing the work. By the end of the day I had lunged toward the snack table enough times that all but one of the macadamia nut chocolates from Hawaii were gone. Meanwhile Anja, Jenny, Sarah, Caitlin, Charlie and Shontelle did what they do best. The photographs (and film!) are amazing.