Am I just out of practice? At doing anything out of the ordinary? Because after my interview at noon I was pretty much spent. I got in the car where Bello was waiting and let out a big open sigh. Like, wow, big happenings Bell. And I really did not expect myself to do a whole lot more today. In fact, "on a day like this" I excused myself from normal behavior and was about to eat all three bars of chocolate in the cabinet when I realized the absurdity of my state of mind. The interview was more like a fun conversation and it only lasted fifty minutes. I was not spent, I was back at home and fully functional at 1pm. I think I expected to feel a certain way, a chocolate eating kind of way, and so I felt it. Regardless of the actual circumstances. Even so, tonight I want to unwind and drink cocoa with Penelope. I've earned it after such a long and hard day of work.