I went to yoga yesterday for the first time in weeks. In the storage area my mat was buried beneath the mats of more frequent practitioners. During class my body felt distant and tired. And maybe I'm PMS-ing. But it was a great class because Natalie was there. Wearing nude colored stretch pants and a matching sweater. Besides looking naked she also looked incredibly lovely. Because she is in love. I have really enjoyed watching her relationship with Jeremy progress. It has been steady and private. It happened over the summer and solidified this fall. Now they live together and are adopting a cat. Seeing Natalie is a treat. She is busy and sought after and so I don't see her as often as I would like. But the infrequency of our hangouts has made her transformation particularly easy to note. I can picture her at the beginning, having just met him and not absolutely sure. A couple months later I saw that the qualities in him that made her unsure had become the reasons why she was now very sure and this change in her was reflected in her smile and desire to buy a piece of cake at the end of dinner to bring to him. And then I did not see her very often because she was no longer standing with us, her girlfriends, analyzing the guy over there, she had crossed over and was standing with him. She was a pair. The blending of her spirit with his is obviously so tender and dear to her, such a treat and a surprise and also so natural, that I can't help but be happy for her even if it means less of her time is for me.