If you are like me you don't so much cook a meal, you mostly heat a vegetable either by steaming or baking and eat it plain. A typical recipe of mine consists of: kale, olive oil. Or squash, olive oil. So when something comes along that can be added to that "dish", it's pretty exciting. Enter Gomasio. This shake seasoning was in the cabinet for months and sometimes I would see Sarah use a bit. One day I gave my Brussels Sprouts a sprinkle and Oh My God. What a little sesame seeds, sea salt, dulce, nori and kombu flakes will do to a bowl of greens. I blew through our supply in a couple of days and raced out to buy another jar. And then Natalie mentioned loving it as well and making it herself. Oh, right, it's just five ingredients. And so I promptly made a batch. And even though I didn't get the ratio just right and mine looks and tastes like fish food, I still love it. Give it a try, it's healthy!