I am nearing the end of a lengthy project. Four months of work. Day after day a similar routine.

Now, as the work wraps up I begin to have a little more free time. And I start to see holes in my day where the work used to be. Without the work my life suddenly seems vacant. Like I woke up from a long nap and the house is empty and dark. Where is everyone? How do I find you?

I start by leaving the house. I start with doing something pleasant. I start with a walk. For three hours Bello and I traversed the city. I wore the appropriate Woody Allen walking outfit of belted sand-colored chinos, a railroad-striped button-up and a ratty beige cardigan. Hands in pockets. Looking up and over and stopping to examine plants and houses and people. Noticing in particular couples. How they work together in the yard. Or stroll with a baby. They go to the hardware store as a team. They bicker about what to buy for tonight's dinner. Couples don't worry about what to do on a Saturday. They never have too much alone time.