I went upstairs last night. I made a top. I listened to the Diane Rehm Show and everything else even remotely related to politics. I am very informed. But I was still attached to the original plan for the night. Even though it was never a plan, only a desire. So around 10:30 I got stoned. And tried to limit dancing and bangs cutting and ruminating on the collections to a half hour because I knew it was getting late. I put on The Congos and wagged my hips from side to side. It was nice to feel my chest release and my mind become less pointed. My insides matched the glow of the x-mas lights. Soft and mild. I sketched just to say that I had and then I was ready for bed. Last night I allowed myself a glimpse of the relaxed, swaying woman who is hiding inside and biding her time. Amanda is right, she will arrive with the spring. And that is still a couple of months off. And so, for now, work will have to be my drug.

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