I see land. Still a ways off, but visible. Today I met the model for Spring 2012 and fit the samples to her frame. She is lanky and beautifully awkward with kind eyes and smile lines. She embodies the natural, candid feel of this collection. I think the Spring 2012 catalog will be as easy to shoot as the collection has been to design. After I sent my OCAC class proposal in to be reviewed (cross your fingers!), I biked down to Heart Coffee and met Anja to go over the catalog shoot for Fall 2012. The model we had hoped to use moved to Chicago. The back-up choice moved to Paris. Still searching for the right woman. Now I'm home. The daylight has left. Squash in the oven. Brussels sprouts on the stove. I sit in the rocking chair and look out the big window. People passing by can see me but I can't see them. Above me the studio waits. Four more tops to make and Spring 2012 will be complete. I should go upstairs. But tonight I want to stay downstairs. I want a different kind of evening. I want the kind of evening I will have when all of this is behind me and Spring and Fall 2012 are done. That kind of evening will have me make a fire. It will have me smoke a joint and put on a record. And I will move my body wildly, in socks on the hardwood floor. Out of breath and full of life.

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