I am a machine right now. Thank god I don't have a boyfriend. I would be a poor partner because I am dedicated, wholeheartedly, to my routine and to nothing else. My routine makes sure that it all gets done. And there is a lot to get done between now and the end of the month. One collection to finish, two collections that need sample sewing, one collection that also needs production sewing, two collections that need photographing (models, mood, location, image team, cost!), and two collections that need to be marketed and sold, in order to pay for themselves. My routine also has to set aside time for fabric sourcing, bill paying, the OCAC class proposal, the intern, Bello and my hunger. My routine has me sipping this glass of wine while the kale steams. My routine will have me shutting up the chickens and turning off the heat before taking a cup of tea and a triangle of chocolate to my studio for night sewing. My routine will have me yawning at 10:30 and giving Bello his homeopathic remedy at 11. My routine, bless her heart, will tuck me into bed at a reasonable hour and accompany me through the night as I dream of sleeve length and calling people back.

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