(reblogged from www.3191milesapart.com) I "met" MAV when she bought a Filly top online. A couple of exchanges were performed and during that process we emailed back and forth. I liked her. And so I checked out her webpage to learn a bit more. She is as accomplished as she is engaging. And accomplished in a realm that kisses my realm: imagery. I then traveled to her blog 3191 Miles Apart and was captivated. The premise is so likable. She lives in Portland, Maine and her dear friend Stephanie lives in Portland, Oregon, thus the title of their shared journal. Each week they post images from their lives, gorgeous, sumptuous images of two women doing just the right thing. These images are posted next to each other but without coordination. Unsurprisingly the photos are in tune and complimentary. It is fascinating to see the way they spend their year- the mornings and evenings of each season. The narrative is so alluring that their blog has now joined my sister's and the Sartorialist as the only thing I read on a regular basis.

MAV generously offered to shoot a little fashion film for Filly. Just someday, when it felt right. I think it feels right right now. I think she is the main focus of my work for this Spring 2012 collection, a collection that is so ready and so right that I can barely keep up. When I finish a dress and try it on before the mirror I picture myself in her life, on her wooden steps with my feet in the grass. The clothes are infused with her colors, the colors of sailboats and berries and the blue-white light in her kitchen. And if all goes well, and the timing is right, I will be sending her a brown cardboard box with a stack of Filly made from heathered linen, thread-bare cotton, and hammock crepe, folded and tied with a string. A gift, a trade, for a polished stone.