If you were to stumble upon this blog you would have no idea that I design a clothing line. I rarely talk about my job, at least not about the specific details of the business. I'm not sure why. Well, if I were to be completely honest, I don't want to let on that it is a serious struggle, this career. I want to present an image of calm, cool, beautiful clothing birthed from a place of ease. Because that is how the clothes feel.. in the end. The clothes are certainly calm and cool. But the process is long, it is tedious, it is a struggle to keep being inspired and to keep on task. I have been working on this collection since October 21st. And this collection, Fall 2012, was especially hard. This is why. I had been running behind schedule very since I took extra time to design Fall 2010. Each season, I am months behind everyone else. With no way to catch up. But I had an idea. What if I pause Spring 2012 and go ahead to Fall 2012, make that it time for the industry wholesale launch in February, and then get back to Spring afterward. Spring would miss the wholesale order window and would be sold directly to customers in April. A fine plan. And a plan that I followed. But what I did not foresee was how difficult it would be to jump ahead. Designs are based on previous designs. They flow naturally from season to season. You take what worked and expand, evolve, and move forward with conviction. But I was unable to do that. I had leap-frogged myself right out of the natural sequence. I was not able to base my designs on anything I had previously done. I had to start from scratch. It was as if I was designing my first collection all over again. Not ideal. But I did it. And now its done. It's done! It's done. Oh lord, it's done.

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