My Dad visited last weekend. The night he arrived we made a trip to the grocery store and bought oatmeal. Because my Dad eats some fuckin oatmeal, every morning no matter what. And I see why because he adds fruit and it sustains him and... blah blah blah. My point is that he is a committed to routine and does not waver. Unless pushed off that routine by a much better routine, oatmeal will continue to be breakfast until... the cows come home. And my Dad's house is much to clean for cows so you get the idea. I am my father's daughter and I can also become fixated on a particular food. But thankfully my fixations, although intense, pass and are replaced by another on a regular basis. I seem to rotate every couple of weeks. Right now I am obsessed with Pumelos (should that be capitalized? In my life they should, but in general?). They are big with firm mildly sweet flesh. They are packed with vitamin c and potassium and, believe it or not, fiber, even though they are all soft and juicy. During my recent cold I ate Pumelos all day. That's all I wanted. Now I limit myself to one a day because I got a little stingy bump on my tongue. Which I should take as as sign that my body, now healthy, does not need so much c. And I can feel my interest waning, but I still bought two more today. I recommend taking a hot bath with apricot oil and a Pumelo. Unless of course you, unlike me, are aware that it is a Friday night and you plan on sampling some actual firm and mildly sweet flesh. Yum. Maybe that will be my next fixation.