I spent my afternoon in the vet's office talking to Dr. Shaad about a splenectomy for Bello. I have been agonizing over Soupy but Bello is also not doing well. The romantic in me likes to think that Soupy's connection to him is so strong that she will pull him with her into the next world. But the romantic in me also likes to think that my connection to him is stronger and that I will keep him here with me for another three years at least. Two strong women fighting over a good man. Story of my life.

Tonight I was laying in bed performing reflexology on my left foot. The stress of the day has set my digestion off and I figured a little massage would help. Rub rub rub. I found only two sore spots. Ouchy sore. I referred to the book and was not surprised to see that the two pinpoints of pain were the heart and the spleen. This is localized pain. It will not hurt forever. But so hard to remember on these dark days.

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