I woke up this morning and thought, Jesus I have a lot to do. The holidays and the year ended on one unassuming Sunday and we all woke on Monday to a surge of panic. Oh shit, I have a life to lead. I reached for my notebook and jotted down the things that came to mind. It's like 12" long! And nowhere on that list, is finishing the Fall 2012 collection. And that is all I should be doing. But, like any small business owner, I wear many hats. And I am constantly removing one to make room for another. Some days I have four or five smashed on my head at the same time. Like today. I am in the studio surrounded by patterns and mock-ups but I cannot touch them. I must pay bills and make appointments and register this and that. I'm in the office, so to speak. Tonight, after evening yoga, I will let myself become a designer again. I have two more tops to make and then I'm done!